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Tribal Threads, Store and Gallery. Loch Victoria.
Tribal Threads, Store and Gallery. Loch Victoria.

“Weaving together the threads of life”


Tribal Threads stocks the in house label “Ayako” which is designed and crafted in Loch, South Gippsland.  The fabrics used are all natural fabrics and also ethically sourced hand loomed fabrics from India.  All the designs are unique to Ayako and we only do small runs or one off pieces.  Other clothing which the gallery stocks I have sourced from young designers and women’s groups in India who are passionate about their rich culture and about supporting local artisans.



The label Ayako is designed and made in Loch, South Gippsland.  The fabrics used are all natural fabrics; silk, cotton, linen etc.  Hand loomed, hand blocked fabrics from India are also used these help support small hand loom industries.  The garments made are one off pieces and also small quantities.  


Jewellery & Accessories

Tribal Threads Gallery now proudly stocks beautiful jewellery from Claudio Salerno from Barcelona and local jeweler Kathleen O’Neill.  Claudio’s work is very organic and reflects his connection to Spain and Kathleen’s pieces are classic and beautifully constructed.  Together they complement each other.  We also stock hand stitched beads which have been beautifully transformed into necklaces and earring from a small women’s workshop in India.  This enables them to support their families and educate their children and together they encourage each other and support each other’s work.



These products have been selected for their individuality and beauty.  Whether they have been hand loomed, embroidered, or just pieced together from scraps of material, the love and care that have gone into these pieces is very evident.  Quilts and blankets can be used as wall hangings to make your home as individual as you.  All are one off pieces.